About Drupal Bulgaria Foundation

Drupal Bulgaria is a foundation that is non-profit NGO with the compliance of the Bulgarian law.

The foundation is regulated by an elected board (A-Z):

  • Ivo Radulovski
  • Kalin Lilovski
  • Kaloyan Petrov
  • Vasil Boychev

If you want to contribute to Drupal an it's community contact us and apply for the board.

The Foundation has the following goals:

  1. Promote and encourage the use of the open source software Drupal in Bulgaria.
  2. Gather and empower the Bulgarian community of Drupal users and developers.
  3. Create and maintain sustainable contacts with the world wide Drupal community.

Using its assets and donated funds the Foundation will pursue its goals by the following means:

  1. Promote web solutions created using Drupal in Bulgarian Medias and web space.
  2. Organize regular meetups, seminars, presentations, trainings, media events with the participation of Drupal users and developers.
  3. Organize international events Drupal Camp in Bulgaria.
  4. Administers the official group Bulgaria on the Drupal web site (http://groups.drupal.org/bulgaria).
  5. Support localization activities and creation of new modules.

The use of the trademark Drupal in the name and the domain name "www.drupal.bg" of the foundation "Drupal Bulgaria", is granted by a Licence Agreemnt with DLA Piper UK LLP acting on behalf of Dries Buytaert BVBA, a limited liability company having its registered office at, Langveld, 2 bus 12, 2006 Berchem, Belgium, registered with the Belgian Crossroad Bank for Enterprises under number BTW BE 0893.231.032

Drupal Bulgaria Foundation Bank Details:

IBAN: BG09UNCR70001519860898


UniCredit BulBank


Sofia 1324, Bulgaria, z.k. Liulin, bl 913b app. 14

tel. +359 882 664 100

VAT No: 175886102