Drupal 8 is Coming Soon!

Drupal 8 logo

Drupal 8 will be the most customizable and adaptable release of Drupal ever! Drupal 8 offers countless new ways to customize data structures, listings, and pages, and adds new capabilities for displaying data on mobile devices, building APIs, and adapting to multilingual needs. There is something for everyone to love.

This page contains an overview of the features and capabilities of Drupal 8, guidance on where the release is in the development cycle, and information on how you can get involved.


Field power

Drupal 8 extends our signature content structuring system by including more field types in core, and lets you attach fields to more types of content.

  • New types: entity reference, link, date, e-mail, telephone, etc.
  • Comments are now a field: take comments on products!
  • Attach fields to forms to create custom contact forms.

Customize pages with Views

Views is now built into core and it is deeply integrated. The front page listing is now a view, as are several administration pages.

  • Easily customize the front page, listing blocks, and more.
  • Simply create custom admin pages, customize filters, actions, and more.

Highly improved content editing

With the new editor functionality and bundled CKEditor WYSIWYG editor, it has never been easier to edit content in Drupal. We have also redesigned the content editing form with two columns so you can concentrate on what is important.

  • In-place editing of content without having to use the full edit form
  • WYSIWYG configuration made easy with web security in mind
  • Draft saving made easier

New configuration system

Drupal 8 comes with a file system-based configuration management system, which makes it much simpler to transport configuration changes such as new content types, fields, or views from development to production. It even lets you use version control for your configuration. This is big!

Customize display and form modes

With the new dynamic display and form mode system, the display variants you knew from Drupal 7 have become much more powerful! You can uniquely customize different entity forms, such as user registration and editing.




In Drupal 8, all built-in themes are responsive. Even administration pages work much better on mobile devices. Tables shrink properly, and the new toolbar included in Drupal 8 is mobile-friendly from the start. The administration overlay is removed in favour of a lightweight, mobile-first Back to site button that leads back to the last frontend page.

Better markup using HTML 5

The page markup is now HTML 5-based. Each output template has simplified elements and classes.

  • Picture element support for responsive image display
  • Proper native input tools on mobile for fields like date, e-mail, and phone

More accessible

We have improved support for accessibility by incorporating the WAI-ARIA standards.

Parli Italiano?

Drupal 8 is a game-changer when it comes to multilingual sites, from the first installer screen all the way to translating views and image fields!

  • Translate anything in the system with built-in user interfaces.
  • Build pages with Views language filtering and block visibility.
  • Get software translation updates automatically from the Drupal community.

Web services built in

Build mobile apps with Drupal as the data source, or even post back to Drupal from the client. Drupal 8 implements the state-of-the-art Hypertext Application Language (HAL) as well.

  • Expose content as JSON or XML.
  • Authenticate the client with HTTP authentication.
  • Expose Views-generated lists as services.