Drupal course at Software University in Sofia

The demand for Drupal professionals is growing bigger. The large Bulgarian and foreign companies are experiencing deficit for experienced experts. The Business cannot count on the higher education to supply such professionals and has to undertake own initiatives to increase the capacity in order to satisfy its needs.

Drupal Foundation Bulgaria is approaching all companies interested to support a Drupal course to be held at the Software University in Sofia. The three topics to be covered are site building, development and theming.

We would also like to give the opportunity to the students who show best results on the exam to start work in a Bulgarian company in order to apply what they have learned during this course.

Our intention is this initiative to become regular and to support more people and companies in their success with Drupal projects. The idea is to build a core of companies supporting the event with funds so that to be more effective regarding the corporate demands and IT professionals who want to work with Drupal needs.

We invite all the companies interested to discuss the content of this course and the ways they are able and willing to support the event in order to maximize the benefits for the trainees and the business.

Should you are interested or you have an idea, suggestion or you want to be involved in any other way in this event do not hesitate to contact us.