Sweet Lemon Bulgaria sponsors Drupal Bulgaria

Sweet Lemon Bulgaria is a website development factory. We are based in Sofia with clients ranging from small to medium enterprises and non-profit organizations to international businesses located all over Europe.
We offer 3 types of services :

User Interface Design
Rich Internet Application Development
Drupal Web Development

As a company we believe that putting people before products is the best thing to do. We need the human touch in everything we do whether it is in our methodology or in our internal approach to colleagues.
What we all share is our passion for internet! We believe that internet is about communication and collaboration between people and we help our customers to communicate on the internet, to get the message across.
To achieve that you need software, tools. Our choice is Drupal. Why ? We all have our own reasons why we love Drupal, some love the clean code, other love the reliability and the quality of the code, the overall ease of use, … But we cannot be objective about Drupal.

Rudi Van den Bossche
Managing Director