Copenhagen Municipality

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Copenhagen Municipality goes Drupal big time. Within the next two years they will migrate over 1000 websites to a new, huge, Drupal platform.

The first step of the project was to replace a 10 year old intranet platform with a new, Drupal powered one. The intranet serves over 45.000 employees across 7 distinct organizational structures. The system would allow developers to easily add and deploy new sites and keep the same cost. Currently there are about 20 websites running on the platform.

The project has been build by Propeople, one of the leading digital service company. The whole project is based on a fully featured Content Management System with responsive design. Propeople used LDAP SSO for single sign on authentication and permissions. It was important to facilitate the content sharing between instances, both push & pull. The platform use the Apache SOLR 3rd party open source product to create the search system that would cover all instances.

The project used Aegir as the main solution for deployment. Aegir makes it easy to install, upgrade and backup an entire network of Drupal sites. It is based on Drupal and Drush so it can be easily extended.

It also used the Feeds module to migrate 12 sites, around 25000 nodes, 5000 terms, and over 120000 files. We used the xpath parser for mapping and creating filters. All the content was imported from XML files and the process was managed through the interface.